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Seminar on Rhetoric

Who would benefit from this seminar?

Anyone who is interested in rhetoric, and does not have time to dedicate two full days to the Basic Course in Rhetoric. The seminar gives an introduction to the world of rhetoric. The starting point is the Basic Course, and it contains both theory and exercises. The seminar works very well as part of a larger programme, kick-off, department meeting or workshop.

Number of participants

Minimum 5–6. In the event of a large group size, the number of exercises will be reduced.


1–3 hours.


The seminar gives the participants an overview of and introduction to the seven cornerstones of rhetoric. The importance of analysing the situation in detail, formulating a clear message, and the breadth and depth of an argument.


  • Introduction and presentation of the seminar’s agenda.
  • Definition of rhetoric and some history.
  • The seven cornerstones.
  • Analysis, clarity and formulating a message (potential exercise).
  • The three paths of an argument (potential exercise).
  • The structure of an argument (potential exercise).
  • Summary and Q&A.

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