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Welcome to Norway's most engaging courses! 

In recent years, society, media – not to mention business, organisations and associations – have discovered the classical knowledge that lies in rhetoric. If you want to sell something, for example a product, service or attitude, the use of rhetoric will help you structure your arguments more clearly and achieve a better outcome. Rhetoric is also a useful tool when entering into negotiations.

Argumentation, which is the foundation of both sales and negotiations, not only gains a new dimension; an exciting, new depth is added, too.

Our courses and seminars in rhetoric and presentation skills are suitable for almost anyone, whether you are an executive or work in sales, information services or are a presenter. Several people who look for a course in presentation techniques end up opting for a course in rhetoric.

Our courses are not only instructive, interesting and fun. They are challenging, too; challenging for you as a participant, challenging because you have to acquire new skills – skills that you can either take into use or shelve.

If you choose to put your new skills to use, you run a risk: a risk of self-development; a risk of coming across more clearly; a risk of becoming a better communicator; even a risk of succeeding at persuading others.

Do you dare give it a try?

Are you willing to take this risk?

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